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About us...

We are all Jehovah’s Witnesses who share a passion for the Bible and history. And we saw a unique opportunity to share this with our worldwide family. Most of us received training so we could guide the delegates on various trips during the international convention in Copenhagen in 2019. So virtual tours began in December 2020. We all do this for free, volunteering in our spare time, all because of unfailing love!

Our tours include Danish history, covering a timespan from the Vikings and until modern days - or let's say 10th - 20th century. Sometimes indoor at museums and sometimes out in space. Sites like Frederiksborg Castle and Rosenborg Castle are beautiful renaissance castles, but turned into museums today. Amalienborg Castle is the residence of the Monarch. Round Tower, Church of Holmen and many more places to come. In every tour we try to highlight the use if the divine name Jehovah or the tetragrammaton, because is has been known and commonly used in Denmark. 

The tours are COMPLETELY non-profit and offered to you by the guides on private initiative. We do not demand or accept any donations (Romans 1:11, 12)

We would like to thank our friends at eyewitnesstours, amazonbibletours, and nathanandhazel, for feedback and inspiration when we started this project.

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